Friday, July 23, 2010

Aries Women

a Aries Women

Something that most people learn about me early on is that I’m a firm believer in astrology and zodiac signs. I thought it would be fun to share some facts and characteristics of an Aries woman, such as myself, with everyone on else.

First you should know that Aries, meaning “Ram” in Latin is the first astrological sign and a constellation in the Zodiac... meaning we are pretty freaking important. There is a whole story about how the Golden Ram rescues Phrixus (long story) and takes him to another land... so forth and so on... which is why the Ram was used as our symbol and the name Aries came into play. Aries is ruled under the planet Mars and its element is fire... sounds hot right? Well it gets better.

Mars is the hottest planet in the solar system and is the God of war and strife which says a lot for the women of Aries! They are strong, courageous, always ready for a new battle, and eager to show that they can be dominant and assertive. They are always trying to find ways to inspire others with their reasoning skills and motivation. In their minds they are unstoppable.

When researching Aries women it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t have to do with love and romance and that is because that’s what they long for. Romance to them is something of a whole new level. It is not merely sexual but it is also sensual and a part of their life that they need to survive. But saying they can’t survive without romance isn’t the same as saying they can’t live without a man, which they certainly CAn. Their romantic styles can take MANY forms but mostly revolve around being sensual, selfish, lustful and rough.

Aries women are always looking for their soul mates and tend to jump into serious relationships and regret it later, however for the most part they will stay faithful, flirting being the exception, since that is one of their most popular guilty pleasures. If there is any woman who can do anything without a man’s help it is an Aries woman. They look for passion and new interests all the time but make it clear that they are independent... making it hard for them to find that right partner.

There are some “downsides” to Aries women, depending on who you ask, which can consist of being selfish, greedy, jealous, reckless, intense, and diplomatic. They are quick to argue and always think that what they want and feel is what is right and not many can talk one down from this demeanor... probably because we ARE always right.

Well that’s all I have for you today but trust me I’m sure I will talk about this subject again in the future! J

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  1. awesome :) perhaps next time the urge to write about this topic itches you, you will write about aries men?

    good one!