Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Money, Love, and Luck

Lets Talk Money

I’m listening to this song billionaire and I can’t help but sing along. What would I do with a billion dollars? I know I would do all the basics like buy a new car and house and all the things my family needs but what would I do afterward? Would I finish school? Would I travel? IDK?!

What would you do with a billion dollars?


How often is it that you actually see a real life love story? I wanted to know what it takes to make this kinda stuff work so I looked up “how to make love work”. And of course the first link I get is an ad for a CD and book by this lady with a love PH.D apparently. So all in all I guess the lesson is If you want love to work you need to pay 5 payments of $59.99. J


You think you had a bad day? Well not as bad of a day as Kathy Evans had in 2006 when she missed the very first question on who wants to be a millionaire. I bet she hates hearing that song billionaire everyday on the radio! I hope that makes you feel better!!



No one said I wasn’t random!

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